Donation Terms

First of all Supportnx team wants to say Thanks to all the donors. As our funds are limited and no earning for survival of Supportnx and its members. So we are totally dependent on our donors to keep our efforts live. But if you have donate us you are also bound with our terms and conditions for donors.

These terms are an agreement between the Supportnx or its owners and you. By making a donation to the Supportnx using our form or direct by PayPal or in any other payment processor, you accept these terms and signify that you understand and agree to these terms.

1. Your donation to the Supportnx is entirely voluntary and is not a fee/compensation/requirement for any services, goods, benefits, or advantages.

2. Making a donation to the Supportnx does not entitle you to any services, goods, benefits, or advantages. You grant to the Supportnx the irrevocable, perpetual, and unlimited right to use the money (donated by you) in any way and for any purpose they see fit (including, but not limited to, to pay their personal bills and other expenses not connected with the Supportnx), and they are not obligated to disclose the way and purpose to any party unless required by applicable law.

3. Supportnx is not obligated to (and will not) issue any certificate, statement, confirmation, invoice, or receipt for your donation (however, the payment processor may email a receipt and the transaction details to you).

4. Although services and tools of Supportnx project are free to use but to our best knowledge the Supportnx does not have any tax exempt status. Your donation may or may not be tax-deductible; Please consult this with your tax advisor. We disclaim any and all warranties and liability.

5. We will not publish/disclose your name or e-mail address without your consent, unless required by applicable law or regulation.

6. Your Donation is NON REFUNDABLE. You are paying donation with your own interest out of your own benefits and we are not forcing you or anyone to pay for the use of our website, service or software. So you’re not liable to raise any dispute for the donation transaction. However if you have some concern and want refund of your donation you can contact us at within 7 days.